About Us

Why we set up I Should CoCo

We set up this site with the sole ambition of giving people a better chance to win prizes they actually want.

The idea started out of frustration. Remember those 'win a dream holiday' or ‘win cash’ type competitions? They were free, so why not? Well, we certainly never won, never heard from those companies again and never even knew whether anyone ever did win. Harmless fun? Maybe... until you start getting loads of annoying emails, phone calls, post and texts from unknown companies. Those free-to-enter competitions funded the prizes by selling our personal information. Not so harmless after all. And not really playing fair, is it?

But we still loved the thrill of trying to win something you couldn't afford, of thinking for that moment that “it could be me” - which is why so many of us still do the lottery, despite knowing there’s a 1 in a 45,457,464 chance of winning!

That's why we set up I Should CoCo. It was time to do something better and fairer, with a far higher chance of winning something special. And we’d try to keep the cost of entering at around the same as a cup of coffee.

We’re all about playing fair. No nasty surprises - only nice ones. There will always be a winner, we 100% guarantee that there will be a winner AND we will never ever sell your personal information – that’s just not right.

At I Should CoCo we want people to win; we love people winning; in fact, we want as many people to win as possible. That feels like a great business to be in and we love it.

So play, have fun and good luck!

Rebecca & Stuart