I Should CoCo has a founding principal that we will never, ever sell your personal data - it’s not right and in our opinion never has been. Personal Data laws are changing across Europe, which is about time! We will always respect that your personal data remains, just that, personal, but we do need some information about you. Everything is detailed in our Privacy Policy (in the T&Cs section) which we encourage you to read, but here’s a summary of the personal information that we need from you and why:

  • An email address and telephone number to tell you if you’ve won! showcase new prizes, games and, if they are good enough, send you discounts from some of our partners (these will be sent by ISCC only, we will never pass you details to any of these partners).
  • Your age to ensure you can play the game legally.
  • We will store your personal data safely and securely.
As always, if you have any questions, please just contact us.