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Adrenalin junkie? Culture vulture? Luxury seeker? Every I Should Coco trip has been handpicked to give you and a lucky friend a once in a lifetime experience. So do you fancy jetting off to Oz to explore the Great Barrier Reef and get a surf lesson on Bondi Beach, then popping over to South America for the Carnival in Rio, before heading off to LA to drive along the Californian Coast? You can do all this and much, much more with a ticket that will let you both explore the continents for up to a year, with up to 10 flights each included! So enjoy the games, best of luck and remember we will never, ever sell your data and there’s a 100% guarantee that there will be a winner - so keep an eye on your phone and email for when those results come through. It’s the trip of a lifetime for the price of a coffee.

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The prize is for flights, but we’ll throw in 14 nights at a 4* hotel too, at a time and destination that suits you.

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With I Should Coco there’s the chance to upgrade to a Business Class experience for two and travel in style from the moment you leave home - just click on the 'luxury' button in any trip option. You’ll both be picked up by a chauffeur and taken to the airport (internal flights provided if appropriate). Then it’s priority check-in, exclusive lounges and, of course, Business Class flights to ALL the destinations on your chosen route. We’ll also include 14 nights in a luxury hotel at a time and destination that works for you. This is a trip of a lifetime - but in unforgettable luxury.

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London Dubai Singapore Hong Kong Sydney Christchurch surface to Auckland Fiji San Francisco surface to Los Angeles London

RTW Adventure:

We think this route’s pretty much got it all covered. Enjoy Dubai’s luxury shopping and nightlife then head off to sip a Singapore Sling in the Raffles Hotel before flying to Hong Kong. Then it’s off to Sydney. Either stay and enjoy this cosmopolitan, waterfront city or use it as a base to explore Australia. Fly to Christchurch then make your own way to Auckland, taking in some of the most stunning landscapes on earth - or even Middle-earth (sorry, we couldn’t resist). If you’re an adrenaline junkie who needs a bit more than scenic landscapes to get your pulse racing, New Zealand’s got the lot. You’ll want a bit of a rest after all that - Fiji’s tranquil beaches should do the trick. Fully rested, you’ll travel to San Francisco and explore California before departing from Los Angeles and heading back home. We’ll also include 14 nights in a 4* hotel.

Win Route 364 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class Route 364 Tickets cost just £5.00


London St Lucia Miami Santiago Auckland surface to Christchurch Sydney Singapore Dubai London

RTW Adventure:

The ultimate experience-mix for hedonists. Starting the adventure in St Lucia sounds good to us. Relax on golden sandy beaches or snorkel in the turquoise seas. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, drive through a volcano. Then it’s off to enjoy Miami’s iconic Art Deco architecture, South Beach and famous nightlife. Santiago, Chile’s capital, is the next stop. This unique city, founded in 1541, is pretty special, so stay for a while to explore if you can. Next, spectacular New Zealand will take you breath away - quite literally if you get involved in its adrenaline sports. Sydney, one of our favourites, is next up. This is your chance to spend some time exploring Australia before flying to Singapore. Here you can explore Marina Bay or see for miles while you sip a cocktail in a sky bar. Your last stop is Dubai - shop, relax and eyeball the extravagances around you before heading home. We’ll also include 14 nights in a 4* hotel.

Win Route 928 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class Route 928 Tickets cost just £5.00


London Calgary surface to Vancouver Los Angeles Honolulu Sydney Brisbane surface to Cairns Perth Singapore Dubai London

RTW Adventure:

The bucket-list trip. Calgary is in an awe-inspiring spot at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. Try to get to the ‘Canada Olympic Park’ and have a go at some of the winter sports yourself. Then make your own way to Vancouver by train, taking in some spectacular views on the way. Vancouver’s famous for its beauty, and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree. Make sure you get to an Ice Hockey game while you’re there too. Next you’ll fly to Los Angeles, the film capital of the world. Then it’s time for a bit of a change of pace, as you arrive in Honolulu to experience the slowed-down Hawaiian way of life. On to spend some proper time in Australia, as we fly you to Sydney, then off to Brisbane where you’ll make your own way up the coast to Cairns to take in the Great Barrier Reef. Next, it’s a flight to the other side of the island, Perth. From there it’s off to Singapore to experience the Marina Bay and sky bars. The last stop’s Dubai’s shopping, sun and luxury, before heading home. Well throw in 14 nights in a 4* hotel too. Anything left to tick off? We thought not.

Win Route 182 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class Route 182 Tickets cost just £5.00


London Calgary surface to Vancouver Honolulu Auckland Singapore Maldives London

RTW Adventure:

Liked the sound of route 182, but fancy a bit more relaxation and golden sand? This one’s for you. Fewer stops gives you the option of spending a bit more time at each location, or just traveling round the world for a few weeks on an extended holiday. We’ll give you 14 nights in a 4* hotel too. Either way, a stay in the Maldives’ reef-studded blue lagoons can’t be a bad thing

Win Route 931 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class Route 931 Tickets cost just £5.00


London Singapore Auckland Buenos Aires Lima Miami London

RTW Adventure:

First stop Singapore. Fancy a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel or want to hit the sky-bars? This buzzing destination will get your trip off to a great start. Then it’s off to Auckland to spend a few days - or why not a month? - exploring New Zealand. Get involved in those famous high adrenaline activities, try bit of white water rafting or explore Hobbit territory. Argentina’s next, and you’ll arrive in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of the Tango. This cultural and creative hub has a nightlife to match. It’s been voted ‘Best City in Latin America’ by TripAdviser – we’re pretty sure you’ll love it. Then you’ll fly to Lima, Peru to sample world-class Peruvian cuisine. Lima is the launch spot for Machu Picchu – if it’s not on your bucket list yet, get your pencil out. After all that, you might need to finish with a bit of sun, sea, fine food and wine. Miami should hit the spot. We’ll also include 14 nights in a 4* hotel.

Win ROUTE 179 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class ROUTE 179 Tickets cost just £5.00


London Barbados Miami Las Vegas Sydney surface to Cairns Ayers Rock surface to Alice Springs Perth Dubai London

RTW Adventure:

Get your trip off to a luxurious start in Barbados, one of our favourites at I Should Coco. Then it’s a flight to Miami to enjoy everything Florida’s party city has to offer – you could take in the Everglades or use the city as a base to explore Orlando’s theme parks. Next you hit Las Vegas, where everything is over the top, super-sized and out of the ordinary. Explore Nevada, Boulder and the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. Sydney’s your next stop. The Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Manly beach are a must, but there’s so much more to see before you make your own way to Cairns to visit the stunning Great Barrier Reef. Your next flight sets you down right next to one of the world’s most incredible sights – the sun setting over Ayres Rock/Uluru. You’ll make your own way to Alice Springs before flying across Australia to Perth. Then it’s off to your final stop, Dubai, to shop, sunbathe and enjoy the opulence. Finally a flight home to recover and hardwire a few memories. We’ll also include 14 nights in a 4* hotel.

Win ROUTE 221 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class ROUTE 221 Tickets cost just £5.00


London Dubai Kuala Lumpur Melbourne Auckland Santiago Mendoza Buenos Aires Iguassu Falls Rio de Janeiro London

RTW Adventure:

You’ll start your trip with Dubai’s sun, sand and shopping. Then it’s off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - home to some of the world’s tallest buildings. Why not use this as a base to explore Asia? Melbourne’s next – a beautiful city, loads to do and the unofficial sporting capital of Australia, including the MCG. It’s also a starting point for one of the most stunning coastal drives in the world. New Zealand beckons - spend a few days, or maybe a month, experiencing this beautiful, action-packed island. Then it’s time to explore South America. Start in Santiago, Chile then go on a whistle-stop tour of Argentina – Mendoza, Buenos Aire and the unforgettable Iguassu Falls. Off to the Olympic City of Rio de Janeiro to experience Copacabana beach, where music and passion are always the fashion, before flying home with a huge smile on your face. We’ll even throw in 14 nights in a 4* hotel.

Win ROUTE 190 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class ROUTE 190 Tickets cost just £5.00


London Cape Town surface to Port Elizabeth Johannesburg Sydney Fiji Honolulu Calgary surface to Vancouver London

RTW Adventure:

If your definition of an epic trip is adventure, then this one’s got your name written all over it. South Africa’s your first stop. Arrive in Cape Town to see Table Mountain, dive with sharks and take a famous Stellenbosch wine tour. Next it’s a road and train trip to Port Elizabeth before flying to Johannesburg – a great base for going on safari. Sydney is next up – enjoy this stunning city for a week or use it as a base to explore Australia. After all that exploration, you’ll need our next destination to recharge. Fiji’s beauty and warm welcome should get you as relaxed as you’ve ever been. Think you’ve found your favourite place in the world? Think again - next you’re off to Honolulu. Last up it’s time for a bit of a change, as you fly to stunning, cosmopolitan Calgary then take the train to mountainous Vancouver. Then its home to re-live the memories and try to clear a bit of storage on your phone. Oh, and we’ll include 14 nights in a 4* hotel too.

Win ROUTE 834 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class ROUTE 834 Tickets cost just £5.00


London Rio De Janeiro Lima Cuzco Havana Toronto Vancouver Tokyo London

RTW Adventure:

Okay, we might just have saved the best till last. First stop is Rio De Janerio. Here Sugar Loaf Mountain, the unique National parks, Copacabana and Rio’s other stunning beaches are pretty much guaranteed to get anyone sending over-excited texts back home. Then you’ll fly to Peru to stay in Lima and Cuzco and sample the world-class Peruvian cuisine. It’s also the launch spot for Machu Picchu, one of the genuine wonders of the world. Havana, Cuba is next up. Stroll around absorbing this historic and fascinating city. A change of pace next, as you travel to Canada and stay in Toronto and bustling Vancouver before you fly to Tokyo. Everyone we know who’s been to Tokyo says it really is a city like nowhere else. What better final destination before you fly home and share all your memories with anyone who’ll listen? We’ll also throw in 14 nights in a 4* hotel.

Win ROUTE 759 Tickets cost just £2.50
Win Business Class ROUTE 759 Tickets cost just £5.00