Terms & Conditions

I Should CoCo (the 'Company') is a privately owned UK business registered at 4 Prince Albert Road, London, NW1 7SN.

We set the business up to give people (the 'entrants') a better chance of winning the prizes they actually want, be that once in a lifetime experiences through to lifestyle prizes such as TVs, Sound Systems and even blow-up spas!

We select a variety of hand-picked prizes e.g. luxury Cruises, Round the World flights or the most in demand phone, and via a game of skill, e.g. spot the ball OR a tricky Q&A format, we provide anyone interested the opportunity to win these prizes.

We prefer and try to keep the 'business and legal' language as simple as possible - common sense and clarity should always win! But we also need to ensure that the 'legal' terminology is clear and appropriate, so here are the most important bits:

General Points:

  • We operate under English Law, which has exclusive jurisdiction.
  • All entrants need to be over 18 years old and have no legal impediment to their playing our games e.g. you cannot play if it's illegal in your country or state.
  • We are passionate about our customers winning incredible holidays, experiences and lifestyle products, so we currently do not offer a cash alternative for any of the prizes. However, after feedback from customers (thank-you to all of you, its appreciated!), we will happily change the prize to better accommodate your needs and circumstances. So, this means that if you win a holiday and you are a family, we will work with you to create an incredible holiday for your family of 3, 4,5 or more! Or if the prize TV doesn't quite fit your 'space,' we will work with you to get you the one that does. Clearly the value of these alternative will be equitable. Best of luck.

Playing the games:

Holidays, Cruises and Round the World Adventures Prizes:

  • Entrants simply choose the prize that they want to win e.g. a cruise
  • Entrants then select the route that they want to win e.g. Danube River Cruise and then play for £2.50 for each attempt or £5.00 for each attempt to win the luxury version of that prize
  • The details of all prizes, including upgrades, are shown within each prize description.
  • The Company may have different prices for different prizes, which are set at the Company's sole discretion. Each price will be clearly shown with each game – base prices will not change from when the game starts to when it finishes.
    • Although The Company may encourage play with discount codes or similar. 
  • The Company has selected 'Spot the Ball' as the competition game because:
    • It's fun, easy to play and allows the Company to use a lot of different sporting images to keep it interesting and challenging.
    • It's a 'game of skill' not a 'game of chance' which allows the Company to legally operate and offer and award the prizes.
  • To play any of the games, just put your cursor where you think the ball should be, enter those co-ordinates and that's it. 
    • As you can imagine, the actual location of the ball has been removed and the 'judge' ('judging' is detailed below), will not be shown or be aware of the location of the original ball. The game is all about where entrants believe the 'judge' will think the ball should be.
  • To enter games the entrant will be asked to register with the Company so that principally, it may contact winners and send correspondence about future games.
    • You will be asked for your email, mobile telephone number and age (to ensure you are old enough to enter).
    • You can register your details direct with the Company, via a brief registration form or via Facebook. 
    • Importantly, we will hold your personal information as securely as possible.
    • Our more detailed 'Data Privacy' approach is detailed in our 'Privacy Policy' but we abide with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – this is a good thing for us all and protects us all from unscrupulous individuals and companies who abuse access to people's personal information – that's just not right and we will never do that. 
  • When the competition closes, an independent 'judge' will select the spot he or she thinks is correct and the person who entered the closest spot to the judge's co-ordinates will win the prize. 
    • The judge or judges will be independent referees (or specific sport equivalents e.g. umpires for our tennis games) or professional sports people. They will be expert in their field and be completely independent of the Company or any entrant.
    • In the unlikely event of two entrants having exactly the same co-ordinates, the location of those two players' second closest co-ordinate to the judge's winning co-ordinates will decide the winner. If there is still no clear winner, the Company will use the third and then fourth nearest co-ordinates from both players.
    • Should one or both entrants not have a second, third or fourth co-ordinate, then the Company will re-issue a new game to those entrants only and the game will be replayed between those two entrants only and again the closest to the judge's co-ordinates will win.
      • All costs for replay will be paid for by the Company.

Lifestyle Prizes:

  • You simply click on the prize you want to win. 
  • You are then shown one Question with multiple choice answers 
    • only one is correct.
  • You then need to use your skill, knowledge and judgement to select the answer you believe to be correct.
  • Select the number of times you'd like to be entered.
  • Each single entry will cost £2 to win your selected prize.
  • Or you can purchase multiple tickets at incentivised prices to a maximum of 10 tickets for £10, so only £1 per entry.
  • You can pay via your mobile phone, using our secure pay-by-mobile service, or by card, by PayPal or with Apple Pay if enabled.
  • When the competition closes e.g. every month, the competition will close and an independent verification company will select the winner at random. 
  • I Should CoCo will announce the winner and we'll get that prize into your hands asap. Good luck!

General Playing Points: 

  • For the avoidance of doubt there will only be one prize awarded across all Lifestyle competitions and separately one prize awarded across all our Holiday competitions and one prize awarded across all our Luxury Holiday competitions.
  • When the winner has been selected, the Company will contact that person via email and/or mobile to inform them of their win.
    • Should the Company not be able to get in contact with the winner within 5 days (extendable at the Company's sole discretion) then the Company will:
      • For Spot the Ball competitions: select the next closest co-ordinates as the new winner 
      • For Q&A competitions: an independent verification company will select another winner at random from all entrants in that competition. 
    • 'Entrants' are solely responsible for ensuring their personal details are up-to-date and accurate. The Company is not responsible or liable for any such error. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Company cannot contact the winner within 5 days due to inaccurate entrant details, then the Company will select a new winner via the above mechanic. The new winners will be announced ASAP – SO PLEASE double check your registration details regularly.
  • Entrants may play as many times per game as they choose but with a maximum of 99 entries per person per game. Any abuse of this rule may result in the Company voiding entries (retaining payments), allocating new winners, disqualifying from future play – all at the sole discretion of the Company. 
  • The Company will need to confirm the winner's identity with photo ID – passport or driving licence before progressing with awarding the selected prize.
  • For Holiday prizes:
    • The Company, at its sole discretion, will discuss changing itineries, destinations, routes and timings of departures with winners upon confirmation.
    • The Company uses a variety of travel companies, depending on their specialisms and expertise and will introduce the winners to these selected companies as appropriate.
    • These travel partners will be able to discuss all details and will be as flexible as possible to accommodate the winner's requirements. 
    • All prizes are subject to availability so please do secure dates as soon as possible.
    • The Company has the final decision over any change to any prizes.
  • For Lifestyle prizes:
    • The Company, at its sole discretion, will discuss changing prizes or prize specs e.g. TV sizes, with winners upon confirmation.
    • The Company uses a variety of prize supply companies, depending on their specialisms and expertise and will introduce the winners to these selected companies as appropriate.
    • These partners will be able to discuss all details and will be as flexible as possible to accommodate the winner's requirements. 
    • If due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to provide the prize, we reserve the right to award a substitute prize of equal or greater value. 
    • All prizes are subject to availability
    • The Company has the final decision over any change to any prizes.
  • The Company is not liable for any event outside of the fair provision of the prize to the winner of the appropriate game. It is not liable or responsible for the quality and delivery of the prize provided by the selected travel, product or service partner. However, the Company will endeavour to select reputable and experienced travel, product and service providers – I Should CoCo is all about providing incredible, unforgettable prizes and experiences for as many people as possible.
  • If you play our games outside the UK, you are responsible for compliance with local laws.
  • The availability of our games does not constitute an offer, solicitation or invitation by us to play in any jurisdictions in which such use is prohibited by law. The Company shall not be liable for any breach of any local, national, federal, state or other laws that may occur as a result of your using our site.
  • If you have breached any of the terms in this clause 
    • you will be responsible for any losses and costs resulting from your breach
    • you will not win any prize, regardless of each game's result
    • we may refer the matter to the police and/or any appropriate regulatory authority.
  • We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Service at any time for operational, regulatory, legal or other reasons.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our T&Cs, Privacy Policy or Cookie Policy please just email 

us at info@IShouldCoCo.com.

After all that heavy text, please have fun, play to win some incredible prizes, contact us with any questions and do send in any thoughts about the prizes that you would like to win – if we get enough interest, we will set it up as soon as possible. Good luck.

From all of us at I Should CoCo